Nov 5th New branding and new company

For the last 7 years, Elite Web and Graphic Design has doubled as a web site development agency and a web hosting company.  As of today, we have officially moved our hosting services to a new branch of the Michael Morgan, Inc. family of companies.  Out hosting services have continued to grow and we feel that creating a separate brand ... Read More »

Oct 10th Server upgrades!

We have successfully completed our migration to our upgraded hosting environment.  We now have a much faster platform and more secure, updated software!  Thanks to all of our clients who deserve the extra little boost their sites will be seeing ;)

Oct 1st Account Manager

As you can see, our new account management system was launched in September.  We are always striving to improve our services to our customers and our main goal is to provide easier access to managing all the services we offer.  If you have a suggestion of how we can improve, please open up a support ticket and we'll add it to the next ... Read More »

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